Land no longer rich in the world

A picture of a green and healthy looking field.

It is said that the fruits produced by the land that was cultivated 70 years ago are not the same as the fruits produced by the land today. According to a United Nations report, the value and level of soil fertility have decreased globally.

Land is used to produce 95% of the world’s food. Land is a source of high-quality food that contains the nutrients and ingredients required by the body. Many factors contribute to the land not being as fertile as in previous years. The issue of climate change, pasture burning, land flooding, and other issues.

When paying respect to the world’s agricultural land, the United Nations emphasized the importance of land in efforts to combat global hunger. No food can grow perfectly without land, but that land must be rich or enriched.

Plant thinning is being caused by the loss of resources from the world’s agricultural land. Many people around the world suffer from malnutrition, which can lead to death in some cases. Due to the global depletion of arable land, farmers are forced to use fertilizers that are not always readily available.

In a changing world, emerging farmers in Africa, Latin America, and Asia cannot afford the prices of fertilizers that support the soil. The global price of fertilizers has increased by 300%. This makes purchasing fertilizer for smallholder farmers extremely difficult. According to UN Secretary-General Qu Dongyu, soil erosion has a wide-ranging impact on agriculture.

“Thin soil produces thin food, and the high price of fertilizers raises the cost of purchasing food” Dongyu explained. He advocates for global cooperation among farmers and society as a whole.

“We need to collaborate to produce healthy food using rich soils,” Dongyu said.

It is expected that special attention will be paid to the world’s black soil in order to enrich it through joint strategies of governments, farmers, experts, and the general public. Black soil is distinguished by its hardness, darkness, and richness.

Despite the fact that different countries around the world produce low-quality fruits, the price of fruits and vegetables continues to rise. Food prices have recently risen dramatically and are expected to rise even further, according to recent news. This means that farmers must work hard to ensure that they make additional efforts to enrich the soil.

Nonetheless, there are reports that commercial fertilizers are among the most expensive in the world. Taking care of the soil by enriching it is the best idea, especially if you enrich it with natural substances available on your farm so you do not have to rely on soil fertilizers.