Spring, we greet you!

Poem by James James Ranisi Jolobe


Ntlakohlaza siyakubulisa!

Mvuseleli sithi tyaph’ ufike.

Luhl’ uhlaza olwambes’ umhlaba.

Neentyatyambo ezigqagqeleyo.

Ubulusizi umhlaba ukhedamile,

Uxwebil’ uhlininika, umbi –

Namhla uyancuma, uyahleka,

Ntlakohlaza, siyakubulisa!

Ibisozela yonk’ into eyindalo;

Mphaphamisi, uyivuse yonke.

Emithini isandi seenyosi

Neseentaka asiswelekanga

Yonwabile nayo imifula,

Iyadloba ngokwamatakane,

Ihlokoma, idanduluka isithi:

“Ntlakohlaza, siyakubulisa!”

Ntlakohlaza, siyakubulisa!

Silandeli sobusik’ obubi,

Mfudumezi emva kwamakhephu,

Mniki-bomi olandel’ intshazo.

[Poem translated]


Spring, we greet you!

Reviver we say we await your arrival.

The beautiful greenery that covers the earth.

And wildflowers.

The land was pitiful and dejected,

Dry, scruffy, ugly –

Today it is smiling, it is laughing,

Spring, we greet you!

Everything in nature was drowsy.

Resurrector, you woke it all.

In the trees the sound of bees

And the birds did not die

The rivers are happy too,

They bleat like lambs,

Loud, shouting:

“Spring, we greet you!”

Spring, we greet you!

Successor of the unpleasant Winter,

Warmer after the snows,

The life-giver who follows the promise.

This is one of those seasons when farmers are happy because of the landscape that has changed after winter. Spring follows right after winter. It shows that the time has come for farmers to grab their farming tools, prepare the yoke and other tools to return to the fields. This poet from Ndwe also saw fit to salute God and nature, rejoicing this beautiful time.

This season is bright with the appearance of beautiful flowers, the bustle of bees celebrating the appearance of flowers. Every year Spring appears in different ways, it contains different characteristics. Spring, we greet you!