Enrol for the 100-percent online ACT today

Students who want to get started on their Advanced Certificate in Teaching (ACT) in 2016 have one more opportunity to do so. The starting date is October 24.

“In order to qualify to enrol for the Advanced Certificates in Teaching, there are some pre-requisites,” explains Professor Daniella Coetzee-Manning from the University of Free State (UFS) South Campus.

“Firstly, prospective students have to be currently employed as a teacher and/or have access to a classroom, as practical assignments form part of the programme. The programme is for teachers who are already qualified, with any of the following qualifications: a three-year education (teaching) diploma; NPDE (National Professional Diploma in Education); degree in education; any degree plus a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education).”

The UFS is well-prepared to assist teachers in becoming increasingly effective in their work in South African schools. Through continuous projects and long-term commitments to community schools such as the School Change Project and the widely acclaimed Internet Broadcast Project (IBP), the UFS understands and continues to address the unique needs of South African teachers through its new online ACT programme.

For more information, send an email to online@ufs.ac.za or visit the website on www.ufs.ac.za/ACTonline. Alternatively, send an SMS to 082 5482 493.