Love story: Farmers and their work

You cannot discuss and conclude a love tale in this world without including farmers. Farmers who cultivate and nurture animals are the people who provide affection to their crops and cattle. By watering, cultivating, or using fertilizers, the farmer shows their plants how much they are loved.

When they take each plant in their hands and interact with its leaves and twigs, they are overcome with affection. According to naturalists, plants love being adored by their owners. The farmer’s love for their plants is what drives them to always assure good health for them, resulting in good harvests for the farmer as a result of their love for their plants. Plant cultivation fails as a result of the farmer’s inconsistent love.

When you love your plants, they reciprocate because they have feelings just like you. The farmer’s devotion to their crops drives them to daily tend to their health and provide water for their growth. Cleanliness in the garden is one of the tell-tale marks of a farmer who genuinely cares about their crops. Cleanliness in the crops ensures that the farmer will receive a good and adequate agricultural harvest.

However, livestock farmers also genuinely love their animals and want to keep them content so that they can grow. A livestock farmer may be seen toiling away in the sun, working in the field and interacting with their animals as their passion for farming overtakes them. They invest time and money into demonstrating their love for their animals to the extent when onlookers assume something is wrong mentally because of it.

Whatever the circumstance, a farmer will give anything to show their love for their animals. Since the animals are aware of the constant love they receive from the farmer, they greet them as they enter the gate even in their own homes. Farmers dress in bulky winter coats during lambing season in order to tuck the lambs into the pockets and shield them from the cold and predators.

To prevent their animals from becoming cold out of love, they invest their money in providing warm spaces for them. Farmers’ fondness for their livestock is another motivation for naming their animals. As a result of the farmer’s love for their animals, they give their cattle, sheep, and goats names they like.

It is impossible to emphasize how much farmers care for their livestock and crops. You might hear seasoned farmers advising beginning farmers to cherish their livestock. ‘If you love animals and crops, they will love you back.’ Love has no prejudice; it loves everyone.