Elvis Mali’s outstanding work in agriculture

UMhlobo Wenene FM presenter, Elvis Mali.

One of the most challenging jobs for radio hosts is hosting an agricultural program since one needs to be knowledgeable about the needs of farmers.

Since taking over for Saba Mbixane, Elvis Mali of UMhlobo Wenene FM has hosted the show successfully. Mali has been moved from the agricultural program to another program as a result of the annual line-up adjustments at UMhlobo Wenene FM.

The number of people that listen to his morning show covering agricultural issues in the Eastern Cape is a sign of his success with the agricultural program.

Mali’s name is constantly mentioned in the many settings where farmers congregate since they have good things to say about him. A radio program where farmers are interviewed, given advice, and taught is evidence of its success.

“My contribution to farmers in the Eastern Cape has been to show them all facets of agriculture,” Mali explained.

One of the ways he empowered and educated farmers was by regularly inviting experts in various agricultural disciplines to encourage farmers who listened to UMhlobo Wenene FM.

“I have also used the chance for farmers to receive information by connecting them with initiatives for the development of knowledge and skills, the first tool being the agricultural program,” Mali explained.

In 1998, his love, expertise, and interest in broadcasting were developed in Makhanda, his hometown.

“I began working in radio back home in Makhanda at the local station Radio Grahamstown, which opened up numerous opportunities for me in radio broadcasting,” Mali stated.

He stated that when he began the agricultural program, he imagined himself succeeding because of the way it was structured.

“Fortunately, I was helped by my passion of learning, as well as my ambition to achieve many things that I can do,” Mali noted.

He expressed his gratitude to the farmers for their assistance and for teaching him a lot about the industry.

“I want to thank everyone who helped me improve when I was doing the agricultural program; I learnt a lot and I was in excellent hands with the farmers,” Mali concluded.

He made a commitment to always being accessible to assist farmers.

The research director at Dohne in Cumakala, Dr. Mfundo Maqhubela, attests to Mali’s good work for farmers in the Eastern Cape.

“He is the man who completed the agricultural program effectively; he learnt the language we use and the science of agriculture very easily because of the way he does things,” Maqhubela said.

He stated that Mali had enough allure to keep the agricultural program’s listeners engaged and following along with his show.

“The farmers loved him because he visited them in the regions where they worked, which earned him respect among the farmers in the Eastern Cape,” Makhubela added.

Mali’s voice was heard by farmers on UMhlobo Wenene FM from 04:30am, where he empowered, guided, and encouraged farmers to continue producing food.