Ethiopia is the land of honey

Ethiopia is the leader in the production of savoury and nourishing honey on the African continent.

Ethiopia produces 50,000 tons of honey annually, which is distributed to countries all over the world and Africa. African countries producing honey is another new opportunity that emerging farmers can discover. Compared to past years, the demand for Ethiopian honey is rising, and honey is used in a number of different ways.

Honey is consumed raw, and it is also made into medicines to treat conditions including coughs. One million tons of honey were produced worldwide in 2015. Honey is used in skin care products, which is driving up the cost of the commodity globally. Tanzania comes in second place for producing the most honey on the African continent, after Ethiopia. Tanzania produces approximately 8000 tons of honey each year, followed by Kenya. Ethiopian honey is valued as more than three times the price of oil.

According to the United Nations (UN), technology-enabled innovative beekeeping techniques will boost global and African beekeeping production. Ethiopia is the only African country to produce honey that meets the accepted global standard, despite the fact that many other African nations also produce honey. According to the report, although there are new issues that African and global beekeepers must deal with, they are not currently impeding the expansion of honey production.

If honey production methods are improved, Ethiopia might generate 500 000 tons of honey.

Ethiopia is the fourth-largest producer of honey in the world, after China, Turkey, and Argentina. Moreover, Ethiopia is the world’s top producer of cattle. In comparison to other African nations, Ethiopia offers Ankole cattle of high quality.

Africa is the leader in the production of honey, which includes the nutrients and minerals the body needs for health. Honey is utilised in food and skin care products for beauty enthusiasts, and numerous pharmaceutical products are manufactured from honey around the world.

South Africa produces 2000 tons of honey, but there is a need for 3000 tons of honey in the country.