EC Department of Education announces new acting head

Dr. Siyolise Nuku is the new acting head of the Department of Education in the Eastern Cape, stepping into the shoes of Mahlubandile Qwase who was acting head of the department since last year. IMAGE: SUPPLIED

The Eastern Cape Department of Education has appointed a new Acting Head to replace Mahlubandile Qwase, who served as Acting Head of Education in the Eastern Cape from 2022 until last month.

Dr. Siyolise Nuku, the department’s new Acting Head, began working there on the first day of this month.

Dr. Nuku is not a newcomer to this department; he is an expert in education and has previous experience working in this department, having held senior positions there for a long time and being familiar with its issues.

Fundile Gade, the Eastern Cape’s MEC for Education, welcomed Nuku with open arms. Nuku is anticipated to elevate the Eastern Cape so that the Department of Education can advance.

Nuku is pleased to have been chosen and given the chance to lead the department, according to a statement from the Department of Education.

While extending a warm welcome to Nuku, Gade commended Qwase for his involvement with and contributions to education in the Eastern Cape while he was still in office.