Man who burnt girlfriend with an iron behind bars!

Yibanathi Mpama (29) who was ironed by the father of her child because he was jealous.

Masibulele Sibamba from Butterworth was taken into custody once more as a result of a stir caused by his release on bail as his burned victim battled for her life in a Butterworth hospital. This comes as his trial draws near.

Due to a condom wrapper he discovered in Yibanathi Mpama’s (29) pants pocket, Sibamba ironed Yibanathi Mpama, who was girlfriend and the mother of his child.

Last week, locals protested in front of the Butterworth Regional Court in support of Yibanathi and to demand that the man who was released on bail while Yibanathi was fighting for her life in the hospital be immediately put back behind bars. The protesters included organisations fighting for the rights of women and children in the Mnquma area, various political organisations such as UDM, EFF, and ANC, as well as schools in the neighbourhood.

Prudence Mtso, an activist in this area, says that no woman deserves to be treated this way. Mtso asked authorities to play their roles irrespective of who the individuals are, because being burned alive is the same as being slain alive.

She goes on to state that the victim was abandoned by the father of her child lying on the ground in agony after being burned. The woman screamed for help from the neighbours as she crept on her knees to the door.

Yibanathi spent a week and a few days in the hospital and is now discharged from the ICU. Sibamba reportedly continued to plug the iron in, and when it got hot, he applied it to Yibanathi’s face, stomach, and breasts.

After a brief spell on bail release, during which time Sibamba continued with his life, he is now in custody.