Africa title the first of many for Khayelitsha’s Mgabi

Lwando Mgabi cruised to victory in last Friday’s fight against Lebogang Pilane to go home with the WBF Africa Super Flyweight title.

Lwando Mgabi’s victory at the Jackie Brice-hosted event in Ottery last weekend marked a significant milestone in his rapidly growing boxing career.

The Khayelitsha-based fighter clinched the WBF Africa Super Flyweight title, further solidifying his position as one of South Africa’s most promising young boxers.

With an impressive record of 6-0, Mgabi is quickly establishing himself as a formidable force in the ring.

Throughout his early professional bouts, Mgabi has demonstrated a remarkable ability to remain composed and stick to his fundamentals, even in the heat of competition.

The recent 10-round bout against Lebogang Pilane showcased Mgabi’s technical prowess and strategic acumen.

The event itself held special significance, being staged in memory of the late Eddie Marshall, a revered figure in South African boxing.

Fittingly, among the other standout performances of the evening was Branton Booysen’s commanding victory in his four-round bout against Shamsi Mnala. Booysen, a protégé of Marshall, paid tribute to his mentor’s legacy with a stellar performance.

Reflecting on his triumph, Mgabi expressed gratitude for the opportunity to compete and reiterated his aspirations for future success.

While the WBF Africa title represents sweet achievement, Mgabi remains focused on his ultimate goal of capturing the South African title. With the support of his team and the guidance of promoter Jackie Brice, Mgabi is poised to make further strides in his boxing journey and says it would be even better if an SA title opportunity arose before the year is over.

“If possible I would be happy if it happens this year. But Jack Brice has made wonderful promises to me so I’m just waiting on them to tell me about the next plan,” he said.

Similarly, Simamkele Tutsheni, the Western Cape female champion, delivered a commanding performance in her own bout against Anam Xuba, securing a knockout victory in the third round. With an undefeated record of 6-0, Tutsheni is also eyeing future opportunities for advancement in her career, including a potential shot at the South African title.

Both fighters are, however, are in no rush as they both believe in the good old saying of good things come to those who wait.

Simamkele Tutsheni with a heavy right hand that connects to the jaw of Anam Xuba.