Ludumo Lamati is much better now, says his manager!

The good news that Ludumo Lamati is feeling better and that his health has significantly improved has caused the boxing community to sigh with relief. On May 27, during his match with Nick Ball for the WBC Silver Featherweight title, Lamati suffered an injury that required immediate medical attention in an Irish hospital.

Last month at the SSE Arena in Belfast, the Mdantsane boxer was knocked out in the twelfth and final round. Lamati has been in the hospital’s intensive care unit ever since. Last week, it was reported that Lamati is doing considerably better and has been discharged from the intensive care unit.

Lamati can now stand on his own, which is wonderful news. Following a recent hospital visit, the promoter and his manager, Larry Wainstein, issued a written statement.

“The team have flown over together with his mom and girlfriend and regular visits bring a smile to his face,” Wainstein shared on his social media page.

Even though Ludumo was still recovering, Wainstein was relieved to find him in much better shape than before. “Ludumo’s health is greatly improving. Even though he is unable to walk long distances, he can now dress himself and move around. He’s been in bed for far too long,” said Wainstein of Boxing 5 Promotions.

“When Ludumo talks to me, he is sad. He continually apologises, feeling that by losing his fight, he let me down. I don’t talk to him a lot because of this. It bothers me that he is remorseful because he has never let me down. I only set up a fight for him,” said the Boxing 5 Promotions promoter.

It is unknown when Lamati will return home. No matter what happens, Wainstein has guaranteed that his fighter would have a job in his company.

Lamati suffered his first defeat as a professional boxer in 21 matches. Nick Ball was unhappy with what happened to Lamati, therefore he did not want to celebrate his victory in Belfast.